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Building Culture with Healthy Competition

Building Culture with Healthy Competition

January 6, 2019

From slugging it out in Little League to winning on Wall Street, the competitive spirit is central to our identity as human beings. And I think of business as the ultimate competition – the sport many people grow up to …

How Cancelling Your Weekly Meetings Can Improve Productivity

How Cancelling Your Weekly Meetings Can Improve Productivity

January 6, 2019

It’s that tiny pop-up alert we all dread: another reminder for a productivity-killing, all-staff meeting. Weekly meetings are an energy drain and productivity killer. They’re a waste of money, too. A recent Bain & Company found that a single weekly meeting …

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Steven has 15 years of success producing, leading, and scaling recruiting and sales operations in the contract, direct hire, and executive search business. As a producer, his specialization has always been, and continues to be, focused on the Information Technology space. He has a profound passion for technology and how it can be leveraged to help solve both simple and complex business challenges. As a leader in the business, Steven has experience across many functionalities; providing leadership that empowers people and giving tactical guidance that enables performance.

Steven Robinson