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Empowered People – Enabled Performance

Empowering Our clients for Hiring Results

To ensure that our clients have a successful hiring engagement with Empower, we focus on these four Core Commitments to enable performance on talent delivery.

Speed of Talent Delivery

We have invested years in building our candidate network, established genuine relationships, engaged with strategic talent partners, and streamlined our internal workflow to ensure we deliver top talent to our clients... quickly.

Technical Skill
& Culture Match

We understand business, first and foremost. We know how IT initiatives help solve problems or create opportunities in today's market. Therefore, our talent is able to understand the business needs of our clients.

Brand Advocacy
to Audience

Top candidates are looking for the ability to have an impact. We help our clients build a brand for themselves within their target talent pool. We invest time to understand who our clients are, why they are different, and where they are going.

Hiring Options
& Market Analysis

We know that our clients are looking to get a good grasp on the talent market. Therefore, we ensure they have an opportunity to engage with enough candidates to feel confident in their hiring decision.

Areas of Exprtise

Empower Recruiting Services provides project-based, contract-to-hire and full-time talent resources to organizations that require on-demand expertise.

Enabling performance on your terms

We enable our clients to achieve their business initiatives by empowering them with the talent resources they need… in any capacity in which they need them.

Project-Based Resources

Provides clients with access to on-demand talent with flexibility in cost and duration depending on their needs.

to Hire

A hybrid hiring vehicle that allows clients and candidates “to test the waters”, validating if the duties and culture are a match before a long-term investment is made.

Direct Hire

Clients looking to hire staff-level talent can access talent through Empower; only paying a fee when they make a hire.

Executive Search

For higher-end talent, organizations engage in VIP level service; gaining dedicated recruiters and top prioritization with a retainer paid upfront.

Empowering People
Enabling Performance

At Empower Recruiting Services, our focus is on taking a conventional industry and bringing it into the digital, on-demand, data-driven, geo-flexible world that drives businesses today; empowering people and enabling performance.

Our custom Client Engagement platform uses state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence that creates an intuitive customer experience, changing the way clients interact with their talent partner.

We’ve built a custom Social Engagement and Sales Enablement platform on the same Machine Learning and AI technology that allows our sales and recruiting teams to focus on what matters… the customer.

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